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change management

We all live in a world of constant change.

Business leaders know that to make innovations and strategic change sustainable; one needs to create a culture that embraces change and gain individual employee acceptance, internalization and engagement. Change management is of key importance, yet efforts often fail because a holistic approach has not been taken, a proper assessment of the organization has not been done or there is no rigorous execution plan.

We help companies implement their important strategies by focusing on two key aspects. First we engage in an organizational assesment, then we determine the appropriate change management plan to put in place, based on our foundational change model.

We use a  formal approach for managing change — beginning with the leadership team and then engaging key stakeholders and leaders. We develop alignment by articulating a written, formal case for change. We ensure that leaders take ownership for completing aspects of the change plan and that they are able to communicate the change plan and the end-state goal.

Organizational Assessment

We can help you assess your organization’s capacity to engage in real change right now. The opinions of employees and other stakeholders are an important indicator of where you should focus your efforts. To evaluate the current state of your organization, we will look at and assess such things as your:

  • Work climate;
  • Levels of employee engagement;
  • Organizational alignment;
  • Adherence to your vision statement;
  • Strategic plan for the change initiative; and
  • Whether elements that need to be in place for successful strategic change to take place are present in your organization:
    • Management policies and practices
    • Human resources management
    • Knowledge management
    • Organizational Culture
    • Communication
    • Senior manager and leadership commitment
    • Innovation
    • Communication and accountability mechanisms
    • Planning and prioritizing
    • Performance measurement and monitoring

The Change Management Process

The distinguished Harvard Professor, author and founder of Kotter International; developed an 8 step approach for the proper execution of change management:

Step 1 – Establish a Sense of Urgency: Help others see the need for change and they will be convinced of the importance of acting immediately.

Step 2 – Create the Guiding Coalition: Assemble a group with enough power to lead the change effort, and encourage the group to work as a team.

Step 3 – Develop a Change Vision: Create a vision to help direct the change effort, and develop strategies for achieving that vision.

Step 4 – Communicate the Vision for Buy-in: Make sure as many as possible understand and accept the vision and the strategy.

Step 5 – Empower Broad-based Action: Remove obstacles to change, change systems or structures that seriously undermine the vision, and encourage risk-taking and non-traditional ideas, activities, and actions.

Step 6 – Generate Short-term Wins: Plan for achievements that can easily be made visible, follow-through with those achievements and recognize and reward employees who were involved.

Step 7 – Never Letting Up: Use increased credibility to change systems, structures, and policies that don’t fit the vision, also hire, promote, and develop employees who can implement the vision, and finally reinvigorate the process with new projects, themes, and change agents.

Step 8 – Incorporate Changes into the Culture: Articulate the connections between the new behaviours and organizational success, and develop the means to ensure leadership development and succession.

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