There are definite areas of dramatic growth for Posts. They include expanding access, promoting commerce, enacting the social development policies of the government, promoting telecommunication services, promoting financial inclusion for its citizens and offering new retail products.

Guyana Post Office Corporation

Posts must first expand their postal network to achieve economies of scale. Then they can provide new services and increase revenues by partnering or becoming agents for any number of organizations  – Government Departments, Banks, Financial Institutions, Competitors, Utilities, Telecoms, large retail stores, NGO’s and social-sector organizations, etc.

Network of post offices

Clearly, people in developing countries need more than just postal delivery. They also need access to other key services such as banking, financial services, telecommunication services and any number of government-to-citizen services such as licensing, access to social programs, vital certificates, etc. All of these services could be offered through a network of microfranchised village post offices.

There are 4 major potential business growth areas: Commerce, Social Development (including Telecommunications) Financial Inclusion and Retail.


  • Parcels are the future – Offer online, e-comerce ordering at the post office.
  • Offer to act as agent in rural areas for the large retailers situated in urban areas.
  • Offer small business services (packaging material, stationery, pens and supplies).
  • Offer micro loans by partnering with an NGO or bank (there may also be a government program to support small businesses).
  • Work with the responsible government department and key industries of the country (i.e. creative arts) to help them export products via facilitated export process (Exporta Facil) and offer special packaging, facilitated pick-up and transport, etc.
  • Transportation trucks often come back empty from real areas / investigate transportation of goods back to urban areas.
  • Some Posts offer bill payment on behalf of utilities and others.
  • Some Posts sell EMS but also sell FedEx, DHL or UPS.

Social development

  • Many Posts offer some government services such as social benefits, pension or family payment distribution, application for vital statistic certificates such as birth certificates, completion of passport forms, etc.
  • Distribution of information from Government or NGO health services and other services.
  • Other Posts have worked extensively with:
    • Ministry of Health: facilitated health vaccines, allowed post offices to act as Cardiovascular centers and cervix cancer screening station, accepted funds for a cure for breast cancer, etc.
    • Ministry of Education: delivered school books, promoted government programs such as girls in school, communicated information such as campaigns against child violence, etc.
    • Reduction of Poverty Programs: distributed food, etc.
    • Entrepreneur Grant Applications
    • Vehicle & Other Licence Issuance
  • Complementary services can include form or application completion services, passport application and passport photo service, etc.
  • Library Services:  Books provided by central library / literacy improvement programs.
  • Health & Social Care:  Medical consultation period via teleconferencing. This allows the local community access to medical consultations which they would otherwise have to travel some distances to receive.  (Australia’s Transaction Centres).
  • Sell products (solar lanterns and radios, water purifiers, reading glasses, health products, mosquito nets, etc.) on behalf of NGO’s and social-sector microfranchising organizations.


  • Offer mobile phone charging using a generator or solar power at the post office or through a network of microfranchised agents.
  • Pre-paid phone cards, buy-minutes cell phone time vouchers, selling and connecting new cell phone subscribers, SIM card replacements, etc.
  • Mobile phone use for a fee or franchised payphones (similar to Bangaldesh’s  Grameen rented cell-phones).
  • Electronic Messaging Service (similar to Brazil’s TeleBahia).
  • Internet / Computer & Tablet Services (TeleCentres Internet access).
  • E-mail Internet service with services of a scribe.
  • Fax services.

Financial inclusion

Poverty is the deprivation of opportunity. According to the UN, 2.8 billion people live on less than $2 USD per day and are excluded from any formal financial services. Many Posts have stepped in to promote “financial inclusion” and offered financial or banking services at affordable prices and in a convenient manner and with dignity for its clients.

  • Many Posts offer postal money orders, banking services and other financial services (savings accounts, savings certificates, postal cash card and life insurance schemes) either through a partnership with a bank or via a postal bank.
  • Other Posts have moved into mobile money order and mobile banking services through partnerships or providing agent services.
  • Partner with Western Union and MoneyGram.


  • Offer fast-moving, basic health and beauty products at the post office.
  • Offer basic needed products are not available in some areas (Sell solar lanterns and radios, water purifiers, reading glasses, mosquito nets, batteries, etc.).
  • Scanning and transmission of documents, catalogue product ordering and delivery (agent for Avon or Amway or other),  photocopy service, making copies of keys.

A summary of potential new products and services

Establish your own list of potential new products and services and estimate your potential additional revenue:

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