We provide advice to Posts that enables them to redefine their USO; develop revenue growth strategies including e-commerce; engage their employees; expand access to post offices and manage costs via postal franchising; and use innovation and partnerships in order to become viable and be the “connecting infrastructure” for the delivery of financial inclusion and the socio-economic development policies of their government.

Port au Prince, Haiti

Unprecedented change

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has acknowledged that the postal sector is undergoing unprecedented changes, characterized by rapid technological development, globalization of postal markets and increased competition. Postal administrations must seek new ways of doing business in order to remain relevant for our customers. They must modernize through technology, diversify and develop products that meet the changing needs of customers.

Sustainable development

Posts in smaller economic markets do not have the same opportunities as Posts in industrialized countries. They require very different postal strategies. Leapfrog Business Consulting believes that by helping these Posts succeed and by promoting sustainable development through the promotion of trade, social development and financial inclusion; people will be given the opportunities that they need to move forward.

Our approach – leapfrogging

Leapfrog is an age-old, global children’s game, where children jump over each other’s stooped backs. Leapfrogging in the context of industrial organization, economic growth or business strategy means that you better your competitive position, shift the paradigm, and radically change the game to achieve an edge that allows you to get ahead in the business game.

Leapfrogging is also a concept of sustainable and accelerated development for developing economies that allows them to skip inferior, less efficient, more expensive processes and technologies and move directly to more advanced ones. The implications for poverty reduction and advancement are profound. Learn more

Leapfrog Business Consulting was established in 2013. We provide advice to Postal Administrations, in countries with developing economies, that enables them to redefine their USO, develop revenue growth strategies, engage their employees and use innovation and partnerships in order to become viable and be the “connecting infrastructure” for the delivery of financial inclusion and the socio-economic development policies of their government.

We propose volume-based strategies vs. margins; leapfrogging vs. progressive growth; diversification vs. mono-product; and coopetition vs. competition.

Leapfrog Business Consulting specializes in 7 areas of the postal industry: Technological Modernization, Postal Reform, Strategy Formulation, Effective Management, Cost Reduction, Revenue / Economic Growth, and Social Responsibility. We specialize in Postal Microfranchising as a way to expand the postal network, to lower operating cost and to improve viability.

LeapFrog provides, free-of-charge, postal advice to Posts on the UN’s List of Least Developed Countries.

Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire

Our areas of expertise

Technological modernization

  • We can address the end-to-end process
  • We can advise you on Retail Point-of-Sale Software or work with your Software Provider
  • Project Planning, Management, Records Management, Communication and Reporting to Steering Committee (Working with Post’s Business Coordinator, Tech. Coordinator, Software Testing Team and Project Team)
  • Postal Analysis Report (Postal strategy, 5 year plan, customer requirements, MSME environment and characteristics, competition, current postal export service, level of automation and connectivity, tracking system, meeting MSME needs, funding estimate, etc.)
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators and System Reports
  • Postal Network Optimization and Automation Selection Plan
  • Hardware Requirements Plan (Including electricity, cellular, solar, surge protection, disaster recovery, etc.)
  • Asset Management
  • Data Management and Administration Plan
  • Documentation and Simplification of Processes
  • Software Set-up to Post’s Requirements
  • Testing Scenarios / Scripts
  • User Interface Documentation
  • Training Manual
  • Call-Centre Support Setup and Training
  • Training of Administrators
  • Train the Trainers
  • Rollout of System / Software

Postal reform

Strategy formulation

Effective management

  • Advanced Business Management (operations management, leadership, communication and marketing, strategic cost management, etc.)
  • Organizational Design and Structure
  • Quality of Service Key Performance Indicators (Standards and Measurement)
  • Leadership and Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Inventory and Product Management
  • Post Office Design for Productivity and Sales Improvement
  • Concept Store of the Future and Store Design
  • Design of Shipping Container Post Offices
  • Post Office Network Design
  • Automated Parcel Rating and Induction Systems
  • Printing Stamps on Demand
  • Pre-Paid Shipping Boxes and Envelopes
  • Documentation and Simplification of Processes
  • Cost Allocation of Operations and Product / Pricing Strategy
  • Postal Retailing and Sales Management (selling skills, online retailing, targeted communication techniques)
  • International Mail (Terminal Dues) Accounting
  • Transport Workshop (transportation, aviation security, EDI and impact of e-commerce)
  • Parcels & Logistics Management

Cost reduction

  • Postal Franchising (all components of the franchise system OR we can optimize your current financial model, establish a dealer value proposition, review your site selection evaluation process, etc.)
  • Self-serve kiosks (design, development and implementation of your technology strategy, reviewing the financial impact of placing a self-serve kiosk in your franchises and developing a dealer value proposition for your postal franchisees)
  • Integration of kiosk, mobile and web into one customer experience
  • USO Fund (annual contributions by all postal operators / courier)
  • Community Outreach – Consultative process for the consolidation of rural post offices
  • Addressing for Delivery

Revenue / economic growth

  • Postal Business Development
  • Retail Selling Techniques
  • Promoting Direct Mail
  • E-commerce at-the-post-office service
  • Implementation of Exporta Fácil (Gap Analysis, MSME Requirements / Associations, Strategy, National Coordination Team Participation, Postal Policy Reform, Technological Modernization, Promotion)
  • Training: Counter Sales, Territory Management
  • Agent Services: Public-Private Partnerships (Government, Retailers, Bank – Micro Loans, Mobile Money, Money Transfers, Competitor Products)

Social responsibility

  • Implementation of Government Social Support Programs
  • Implementation of Financial Inclusion Strategies
  • Agent Services: Partnerships with NGO to provide products / services / information

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