Leapfrog Business Consulting can plan your conference, training program, provide course content, deliver, facilitate your strategy discussions, or facilitate workshops on a number of current  and key topics – from creating a 5 year business plan, growing your business, diversifying into new areas of business, franchising, defining your USO, reducing operating costs, etc. Please contact us for more details.

Planners, Speakers and Facilitators for your conferences

We can provide conference planning that includes venue, creation of the agenda, postal-industry trade exhibitors, translators, equipment planning, moderators, speakers and more.

Facilitators and trainers for all your business workshops and training needs

We can plan and tailor a workshop to training course specific to your needs or we can provide ready-made workshops.

Our results-oriented workshops require that participants complete data-gathering pre-work so that they can then work with real information and leave the workshop with concrete ideas that they can implement immediately upon returning to their Postal Administration.

For example, the USO & Action Plan Workshop is aimed at helping a Post develop and finance its USO in an increasingly-challenging digital world.

The Franchising Workshop shows Posts the financial and operational advantages of postal franchising.

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