Success in franchising requires a winning recipe, experience, planning, market understanding and the development of executable tools to create a franchise system that can achieve long-term sustainable business growth for both the franchisor and the franchisees. Leapfrog Business Consulting can help you develop all the tools you need.

Clients rely on us to develop recommendations and propose tactical solutions based on the uniqueness of their brands and the culture of their organizations.

We successfully assist our clients in navigating the complexities of modern franchising in designing and developing their new franchise systems.

 Our services for new franchisors

  • Design and Development of a Franchise System for New Franchisors
  • Customer Profile Analysis and Optimum Site Selection Plan
  • Area Representation and Franchisee Suitability Analysis
  • Development of Franchise System Growth Strategies and Franchise Sales Support
  • Development of Operations Manuals and Training Programs for Franchisees
  • Development of Support Manuals and Staff Training for Franchisors
  • Development of a Franchise Contract
  • Development of Management Assistance Program to Franchisors and Implementation Support to Improve System Performance

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