Leapfrog Business Consulting also provides tailored postal presentations on a number of current  and key topics – from Innovation, Postal Reform, The Post Office of the Future to Addressing Rising Current Costs. Please contact us for more details.


Get knowledgeable keynote speakers for your upcoming meetings, conferences or conventions

Having knowledgeable speakers, trainers and facilitators can add credibility and interest to your postal administration’s or regional postal union’s conference or convention. When you want to reinforce a message or communicate new ideas, or understand the changing postal industry.

Leapfrog Business Consulting can provide you with talented speakers for your next meeting. Some of the topics we have recently given include:

  • The Post’s Role in Trade Facilitation and Economic Development
  • How to Leapfrog the Competition – Innovation
  • How Emerging Markets can Leapfrog using the Sharing Economy
  • Posts: Engines of  Economic Development – Promoting E-commerce and Exports
  • Postal Innovation and The Post Office of the Future
  • The Importance of Postal Reform
  • Business Growth – Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Delivering Consistent World Class Customer Service
  • Delivering on your Brand Promise or USO
  • Postal Franchising – Improving Access and Reducing Operational Costs
  • Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Franchisee Relationship
  • Leadership and Employee Engagement
  • Developing your Postal Brand

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