Dear Friends,

I am very excited to hear about all the great initiatives that our members are engaged in across the Caribbean. I encourage you to continue.

Our CPU team is also very busy, working with our friends at Grupo Empresarial Correos de Cuba (GECC) or the Cuban Postal Service to prepare the CPU Conference in June 2019. I very much look forward to seeing you all there.

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  • The Commitments We Made at the 2018 CPU Conference
  • Last Mile Delivery Needs a Postal Address System, what3words is a Great Option
  • The Economics of Last Mile Delivery
  • 10 Rules to Have a GREAT Retail Post Office

Guillermo Raymond
Director of Post Aruba and Secretary General of the Caribbean Postal Union (CPU) 

The Commitments We Made at the 2018 CPU Conference

At our July 2018 CPU Conference in St. Lucia we all agreed on and presented our 12 recommendations to the Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers supported us fully, leaving each one of us obligated to implement them. You may have moved forward on some but not others. There are still 2 months to complete your task. 

Soon, you will be asked to submit your annual report. At this year’s CPU Conference in Havana in June, I will present highlights of your achievements at the Council of Ministers.
The 12 Recommendations of the 2018 CPU Conference
‘Last Mile Delivery’ Needs a Postal Address System
///what3words, is a Great Option


There are 192 UPU member states and only 50 have a specified postal address system. Without some type of addressing, posts in countries with smaller economies can’t move forward with e-commerce parcel delivery. Moreover, accelerating urbanization poses enormous delivery challenges for these posts.  

Across the Caribbean, most people don’t have a home address: not every street has a name, buildings have numbers missing and postcodes don’t always exist. As such, those individuals have no simple way of describing where they live. This impacts everything from not being able to receive post or parcels, to difficulties accessing basic services like opening a bank account, registering to vote or receiving employment benefits. When disasters strike, it can also become very difficult to direct aid and provisions to where it is urgently required, a problem that can cost lives and often impacts the Caribbean islands.

Whatwords provides the solution. They have divided the world into 3x3m squares and assigned each one a simple address made of 3 dictionary words, making it possible to accurately describe any location and share it easily. For example ///escaped.grooves.flushes is a precise boarding point at Charlestown Ferry Pier in Nevis and ///desktop.paddock.bluffs is the front door of a lodging in Cuba. what3words is available in 30+ other languages, including French, Spanish and Dutch.

The system relies on using the either free what3words smartphone app, or online map site to find out what the desired square is called. Zooming in on a location on a map and placing a pointer over the square then brings up the unique word string or you can enter the 3 words, You can share or navigate to the exact location.
The Sint Maarten postal service is one of eight postal services globally that has adopted what3words. Sint Maarten has become a global innovator, leapfrogging dozens of other nations that still rely on inaccurate, inconsistent or complex addressing systems. This means residents can use their 3 word address, in addition to their street address, to help them receive post and parcels easily – driving further e-commerce for the region.  It also becomes the backbone for emergency and delivery services.  What3words allows everyone to have an address, unlocking social and economic growth for communities in the Caribbean, and beyond.

Find where you live , click >>>> ///what3words

The Economics of Last Mile Delivery

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